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Dewy-Soft Skin . . . Naturally!

Pamper yourself with our line of natural skin care products. We use only the finest ingredients, with no artificial binders or additives, to help keep your skin youthful and smooth.

My products are packaged in our beautiful violet Miron glass that protects the oils from UV exposure. Hand-filled luxurious organic unrefined oils, imported from all over the world. Carefully chosen and crafted for their healing fractions and scented with soft gorgeous Rose Geranium.

My products are crafted with the highest quality carrier oils, essential oils and butters from around the world. I research and study their fatty acid profiles, healing fractions, nutrients and choose carefully the ingredients for each product to address the issues of concern.

My products are 100% natural , non-GMO, cold-pressed, no fillers, certified kosher, cruelty-free, and responsibly sourced.

I find great joy and passion in working with Nature and all of her intelligence, discovering the gifts inside and how we can put them to good use to nurture our skin and soothe our souls.

Nature intends us to discover her and I hope you find great pleasure in these products!

I’d love to hear from you about your experience with them!

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Body Dew

Body Dew

Face Dew

Face Dew

Rescue Dew

Rescue Dew

Rescue Dew, the miracle salve!

When I suffered through Covid, my body was not back on point for a while. Although I healed fast from the cold, I ended up with a red rash on my cheeks that would never fully go away. I went to dermatologist with no resolve, I tried every magical remedy that I could DIY and even bought regular over the counter rash medications.  I wanted to try anything that could relieve the super obvious bright red rash I had on my cheeks.   Nothing worked!  I started to put make up on my cheeks which became a new unwelcomed addition to my daily routine.

After struggling with this for a while I was gifted the Rescue Dew product from a friend and within 24 hours the rash became over 50% resolved. Within 3 days it was faintly noticeable and within one week it was a memory.

I will never be without this product! I’m now using it on random bug bites or breakouts that I have on occasion on my back from working out and seeing anything that becomes irritated my skin disappear when I use the Rescue Dew.  So grateful!

Kat M.

I travel quite a bit

And generally have skin that leans toward dry. Over the last several weeks I have exclusively used Facial Dew immediately after washing my face and enjoyed the results. Just like everything in life, you get what you pay for.
By applying a light coat of serum on my face and neck, my skin drinks it in and feels soft and supple. Tip! I apply it before jumping on the plane and my skin thanks me for it.


A luxurious blend

Of all natural oils for the face and body that leave your skin well hydrated and nourished beyond belief, and without that greasy or sticky feeling.

I love the way these oils make my skin feel so well nurtured with a smooth finish…and the scent of these oils is heavenly and soothing for the soul.

Nancy K.

Lynn, I need to tell you how amazing your facial serum is!

I got a small kitchen burn the other day and, just as an afterthought, put some of the serum on it as I was applying it as usual after my shower.

Within a couple of hours the pain and redness had all but disappeared and the burnt skin was smooth. I was pretty shocked. I’ve loved it for my face since you created it and have a spare bottle…but now I need a couple of back ups for my back up so I am never without it!

Great stuff, thanks!


I started using the Body Dew when I was in Hawaii, and in the sun almost everyday. After each shower, I applied it, and for 6 weeks now my skin has been soft, supple and well hydrated. In the past, with lotion, my skin was dry all the time, and scaley. After using the oils, my skin does not look or feel dry, and I have received many comments on how radiant my skin looks – and that is the word my friends keep using – RADIANT! Who doesn’t want to look and feel RADIANT?!. Also, it has enhanced and preserved my lovely Hawaiian tan. The scent is magnificent as well. I have loved the results. I’m hooked!


About five years ago I got the dreaded phone call from my doctor

Cancer, the biopsy came back positive for cancer, in my tear duct.

That started a very long process of surgeries (four total), radiation, and chemo. All in and around my eye. While this was happening, my good friend Lynn was working on a face cream for me, one that wouldn’t upset my very sensitive skin, and also one that would help my poor face heal from all the trauma.

Lynn gave me a sample to try to make sure it didn’t irritate my skin, because I had tried so many over the years that turned me beet-red almost immediately. I put this magical cream on my face, and it felt SO good! I could almost feel it healing I have been using that cream every single day since then. It has never irritated my skin, and my doctors (even the plastic surgeon on the team) have commented on how quickly and how nicely my face has healed.

So, whatever your skin type, and whatever kind of trauma your skin may have been through – or none, – I highly recommend the Wounded Warrior, now renamed Rescue Dew. Your skin will thank you!